Tathva 2015 Civil Events

Blueprint is a core paper presentation where all the igneous minds out there can showcase their immense knowledge and communication skills.
Number of participants- 11

⦁ CADART   (DAY1-30thOCTOBER 2015)
CAD-Art is a software based competition of Autodesk Auto CAD (ver. 18.0 to 20.1) .The event is basically on 2-Dimensional (2D) design. Competitors are introduced to the construction and production industry in a positive and challenging manner.

Prelims: MCQ on Graphics, Engineering Drawing, AutoCAD Functions.
Finals: Finalists were asked to draw the plan, section and elevation of the given line sketch.
No of registrations: 12 Teams (2 per team)

⦁ LINKIDGE  (DAY 2 – 31stOCTOBER 2015)
It is a bridge making event in which participants were provided with 250 popsicles and flex quick to make a truss bridge. The span required was 40 cm – 45 cm. Maximum spacing possible was 50%.
About 30 teams participated in the preliminary round where they had to attempt a questionnaire containing 25 questions.12 teams entered the finals.

It is a survey based event.
Prelims: MCQ and reasoning on basic concepts of surveying.
Finals: Solve a practical problem in the field using the available tools.
No of registrations: 20 Teams (2 per team)