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Tathva’17 Civil Events

  • BOB THE BUILDER : Engineers,architects and developers today,more than ever,are obliged to create a new world of ecofriendly buildings. Ever had the desire to design a structure that stands against all odds of nature? Calling all true blue civil engineers for this test of ultimate wit. Brush your skills and unwrap the civil engineer in you. Tathva’17 gives you the opportunity to compete with the best brains of the discipline. We present you,”Bob the Builder”-Unleash the Civil engineer in you.

⦁  POPSICLE RIDE : It is time to bring out child in you. It is time to ride a roller coaster. ‘Popsicle Ride’ gives you an opportunity build your own roller coaster and a medium to showcase the creativity that has been hiding inside you for far too long.

⦁ LINKIDGE : To create a building that is a feat of architecture and engineering takes true mastery.We’ll bring it down a notch and have you build a structure.Calling all structural design aficionados,put your prowess to the test this Tathva. Build a structure showcasing your skills and unveil it to world.Think it’s too straight forward? Well let’s have it inclined then.Gustavo Eiffel build his remembrance with durable wrought iron. All you will be given are ice cream sticks.If this challenge entices you then Build-a-Bridge is your place to be this Tathva.

⦁ DESCARTES SQUARE : Ever felt surveying is facile or trivial and as arduous as it sounds? This Tathva, we are here to prove you wrong.If you think you have an unusual zeal and fervor towards geometry and surveying,this is the perfect platform for you.Descartes square puts to test your basic surveying skills and exploits your logical and practical thinking.Show the world that you possess what it takes to be in the same league as Lincoln,Jefferson and James Cook.It’s time to bring it on.

  • BLUE PRINT : Blueprint is a core paper presentation where all the igneous minds out there can showcase their immense knowledge and communication skills